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Fire Academy

Updated: 03/11/14

The Red Bluff Fire Department began its 14th Firefighter-I Academy January 04, 2014.

The $300.00 academy fee is reimbursable at completion of 1-year service.

The Red Bluff Fire Academy runs from January until May and involves classes every Tuesday & Thursday night (5PM - 10PM) and all day each Saturday (7AM - 5PM).  A rigorous physical training schedule is conducted prior to each class.

Congratulations to the following academy applicants for making it through the process and beginning the 14th Firefighter-I Academy:

Class Captain
Harris, Uriah
Company A Officer Company B Officer
Kingsley, Justin Moule, Trevor
Coates, Chad Sides, Jenna
Meagher, Egan Mefford, Andrew
Stratton, Ryland Thomas, Donald

Vicuna, Hector

CLICK HERE for general RBFD Fire Academy Requirements information.  And check back frequently for updates.

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The City of Red Bluff is an equal opportunity provider.