City Seal

City of Red Bluff

Fire Department

555 Washington St. . Red Bluff, CA . (530)527-1126
FAX (530) 529-4768

Career (Full-Time) Personnel

Chief Officers, Fire Prevention, and Administration

Shift Personnel (2/4 work schedule)
A-Shift B-Shift C-Shift
Dom Catona, Captain Mark Moyer, Captain John Campbell, Captain
Kevin Turner, Engineer Alex Fullingim, Engineer Jimmy Heinle, Engineer
Casey Hickok, Engineer Chris Martin, Engineer Scott Spangler, Engineer
Uriah Harris, FirefighterTrevor Babajan, FirefighterJustin Kingsley, Firefighter
Reserve Reserve Reserve

Reserve (Part-Time) Personnel

Reserve Engineers Reserve Firefighters
 Lesleigh McLeod Brian Quigley
 Jonathan SanchezBradley Loomis
Gabriel Medina Egan Meagher
Rustin Ward

Faustino Pamatz
D. Scott Thomas
David Robb
Matthew Walsh
Joshua Jackson
Jorge Herrera
Jeremy Escamilla
Mike Bachmeyer
Evan Baxter
Kole Oliver

Photographers & Assistants

The City of Red Bluff is an equal opportunity provider.